Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How often will we meet and how long does a counseling appointment last?

A: Counseling and therapy appointments are 45 minutes and are generally scheduled 1 or 2 times per week. This will be personalized to you and your particular situation. I also offer 15 minute Phone Intensives which can be scheduled when you need them and text message exchanges as well.


Q: My schedule is very busy.  Do I have to travel to your office every week?

A: I offer concierge services to accommodate various situations and busy schedules.  For example, I meet with some clients in their offices or we can "meet" over secure Video. Online face-to-face video appointments means that you have access to therapy when you need it with no travel time involved.  Read more about Online Therapy here. I also offer VIP half-days designed to achieve faster change and quicker results.


Q: How quickly can I schedule an appointment?

A: I have same-day and same-week appointments available.  I respond to emails and text messages within 2-hours and usually right away.


Q: When will I finally feel good and be in a great relationship?

A: My goal is to give you hope from the beginning and new tools to use right away. All along the way you will begin to feel better as your self-esteem grows and dating or your relationship becomes easier. Let's get started.


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