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Dating Coaching

In-Office or via Live-Video Conferencing:


Dating can be so hard....

and, so far you have not found the relationship that you want and you don't know what to do. You really want to find the one. You are ready to have real love in your life. But, how can you find the right person and keep a great relationship? It seems like everything you have tried hasn't worked.


For people who are struggling with dating and relationship issues, who haven't had the dating success they want, dating and relationship coaching can give you the tools you need to find "the one."  Dating coaching appointments are focused strategy sessions on all of your dating concerns. The appointments include dating tips and advice for how to find love and maintain a healthy relationship, plus a full assessment of your current situation and the tools you need to improve it. We will create a personalized plan of action for you that includes both in-person and on-line ways to finally meet your ideal partner.


Some of the issues I help clients with include:

  • When dating is going nowhere

  • When you're not sure how to create an online dating profile

  • When you are not meeting the right people

  • When you feel anxious about first dates

  • When you're nervous about subsequent dates

  • When you continue to pick dating partners who are not right for you

  • When you have been taken for granted in the past

  • When you are confused about how to interpret text/email messages from a dating partner

  • When you are dating again after a break-up or divorce

Through working with me it is possible to:

  • Boost your dating confidence

  • Clearly interpret the behavior, events, or text/email messages received from a dating partner

  • Learn new ways to meet people online and in person

  • Create an online dating profile that attracts the exact type of person you are looking for

  • Gain practical tools for choosing a partner and dating well

  • Discover what you need to do on first and subsequent dates to have success at love

  • Learn how to attract your ideal partner

  • Master the tools for relationship success

Together we will create an actionable plan with real tools to improve your current situation and move you toward relationship success.

Dating coaching can give you the edge you need to find and keep the relationship you desire. Give me a call at (212) 579-6531 or email me. We can begin right away.

(212) 579-6531  Call or text to schedule an appointment.

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