Counseling and Therapy for Women

You are a smart, strong, successful woman.......except that sometimes you still feel unsure, vulnerable, insecure, lonely, sad, stressed or overwhelmed.

Women have many stressors and challenges on a daily basis.  You have so much on your plate. Sometimes it becomes too much.


Maybe on paper your life looks great. Maybe other people think you have it all together. That can make things even more stressful. How can you share your pain with family or friends who think you have it all?

Maybe you feel pressure to keep up the facade that all is well in your life. Maybe the people around you need for you to be okay. It can be that the pressures of work and family do not allow you the time to focus on what is really wrong. And, you may not have the support that you need.


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But, you are not feeling happy, are feeling stressed or overwhelmed, and are not enjoying what you do have. And, what is missing from your life looms so large. The part of your life that is going wrong impacts everything. What are you supposed to do?


You don't have to suffer alone. 

I have over 15 years of experience working with women just like you. With a compassionate ear, with an eye toward a solution, I will listen to all of your concerns, difficulties and goals. I will ask you many questions so that I fully understand your personal situation. Therapy will be uniquely tailored to you. Counseling appointments are collaborative and interactive.  I am always interested in your feedback and what is most helpful to you.  And, I will give you insights and tools that you have never thought of before.


Some things are very hard, embarrassing or painful to talk about and I make every effort to provide a comfortable and safe environment in which you will feel supported and helped but never judged.

During our appointments you will gain key insights and specific tools to use right away. I will always be focused on helping you to move forward to your goals.


It can be extremely freeing to finally put into words concerns, fears, or past events that you do not normally discuss with anyone.

I can help you to move out of pain and difficulty and provide relief. We will decide together on a plan of action. I am dedicated to working with people who do not yet feel totally secure, confident or lovable, who are in emotional pain and are looking for help.


Imagine achieving a more relaxed and happier life, which includes self-confidence and real love.


Some of the issues women have come to see me about include:

  • Relationship difficulties

  • Feeling stuck in patterns of behavior that do not work

  • Feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed

  • Being worried and unhappy

  • Feeling down or depressed 

  • Insecurity about self-worth

  • Stress at work

  • Pressures of parenting

  • A difficult family background that did not prepare you to have a successful relationship

  • Dating the wrong person

  • A desire to improve your current relationship

  • Not knowing how to find love or have a successful relationship

  • Sadness over past events and relationships

  • Getting divorced

  • Challenges of co-parenting with your ex

  • A desire to find the right partner

Some of the Outcomes and Benefits my clients report are:

  • Making better choices in a mate

  • Getting unstuck and Changing old behavior patterns

  • Feelings of happiness and hope

  • Greater self-confidence

  • Finding your true roadmap

  • Learning to attract your ideal partner

  • Tremendous improvement in self-esteem

  • Finally being free of the past so that stress and anxiety are alleviated

  • Finding real love

  • Creating a better work - life balance

  • Alleviating stress and worry

  • Dating better--learning how to navigate the dating process successfully

  • Co-parenting smoothly with your ex

  • Achieving a successful, committed relationship

  • More success in all areas of life

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I know you have a busy life and schedule.  

I provide Concierge services to accommodate you. Counseling and therapy appointments can be in person, or via face to face Video.


Counseling and therapy for women can help you achieve your goals. If you are ready to feel better and create the life that you want, give me a call at (212) 579-6531 for a free consultation or schedule an appointment here. Let's begin.

(212) 579-6531  Call or text to schedule an appointment.

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