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Everything is great......except for that one issue that is not great at all. In fact, that one issue is getting in the way of everything. Successful, hardworking men are often surprised that they have not been able to resolve an issue that is causing them a lot of stress. You are used to taking care of things on your own, so why is this so hard?


Maybe you are experiencing one or more of the following:

  • Stress at work

  • Stress at home

  • Feeling pressure that everyone is relying on you

  • Stress in your relationship

  • Trouble sleeping

  • Dissatisfied with your work trajectory

  • The woman/man in your life wants more from you than you can give

  • Feeling down or depressed

  • Not sure if you are in the right relationship and are considering ending the relationship

  • Getting divorced

  • Worries about the future

  • Not meeting/dating the right people

  • Looking to find a relationship with the right person


The spot you are in right now, the challenge you are facing, the pressure you are under, is weighing you down and impeding your life.  In order to achieve the most success, to be free of the stress, pressure or challenging situation that is holding you back, you could use an assist at just the right this moment. Up your game. Achieve your high score. Finally, be finished with this difficulty. The world's best athletes all have one thing in common: They hire world-class coaches. No athlete that skilled and successful has gotten there alone. How could you?


Men usually come to talk with me because they have one particular issue they want to resolve.  They want to get right to the problem and come away with a solution.


I have over 15 years of experience providing counseling and therapy for men who are ready to turn things around but simply need some effective tools. Appointments are completely confidential and those problems that you cannot discuss with your wife, girlfriend, partner, family, friends, colleagues or co-workers can be worked out privately and efficiently.


Clients tell me they feel I "get it" right away and we are able to implement a solution quickly.  It can be such a relief to finally resolve your difficult situation. It doesn't have to take long. With a clear focus on your goals, I will provide you with an action-oriented plan which includes those tools you need to achieve them.


Most of the men I work with have busy schedules and not a lot of time to waste.  I provide Concierge services to accommodate your busy life and schedule. Counseling and therapy appointments can occur in my office, your office, or via secure encrypted Video conferencing.  I respond to emails and text messages within 2-hours and usually right away. I have same-day and same-week appointments available.


By working with me you can have less stress, more joy and a better, more intimate relationship with the right person.

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Call me to get started today (212) 579-6531.  Or schedule an appointment here.

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